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Our Tiling Services

Ceramics Tiling

Our skilled workmanship allows for increased durability with our ceramic tiling practising. Perfect for any room in the house, such as kitchens, bathrooms, or even entryways.

Porcelain Tiling

If you’re looking for an elegant finish without any of the upkeep or weathering then porcelain tiles are ideal for you. Not only that but it’s an all-purpose tile, it comes in a variety of designs, colors, and styles to allow for versatility when designing a space. Porcelain can also be used outdoors, as it will not freeze, fade, or crack.

Other applications for porcelain tile include bath or kitchen tile, high-traffic areas, and kitchen backsplashes

Mosaics Tiling

Mosaic tiles give you a chance to flex your creative interior design muscles since it comes in so many different shapes, sizes, colours, styles, and even materials. Mosaic tiles work best on wall applications if you’re considering this form of tiling.

Glass Tiling

The stain resistance of glass makes it a fantastic alternative to natural stone.
red wine and any acidic foods like lemon and vinegar are wiped up with ease without any permanent staining, we can also use them in smaller applications with less traction, such as gently used table tops or desks, around the fireplace, or as a backsplash.

Marble Tiling

If you’re looking to add beauty to any kitchen or bath, laying down marble tiles immediately upgrades the space. It also delivers texture and depth, as it’s either patterned or veined. You’ll never have the same piece.

Other features such as decorative features, shower floors, columns, and backsplashes. By using it in smaller applications, you’ll also give your budget a breather.

Granite Tiling

Granite is a natural stone that has a similar look and feel to marble because of its natural flecks and is incredibly popular with our clients. As with almost all the above applications, we’re able to fit this if you require on-site.

Why Choose Elite Maintenance Contracting?

Tiling is a very common area where up-keep is required either through damage, wear & tear and other factors but with Elite Maintenance Contracting our experience in this area will guarantee we deliver a quick, on-time service for our customers and clients.

We promise to always provide the following:

  • A Clean & Friendly Service
  • Professional Workforce
  • Determined Work Ethic
  • A Punctual Service
  • A Creative Collaboration
  • An Experienced Team

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