We can cater for a wide range of services within the decorating sector and we will deliver only the best service to our clients and customers.


If there are any cracks in the walls, these should be filled. Cracks often appear over time in corners and around windows, and sometimes between the wall and the skirting, we will review all areas and swiftly apply fixes.

Sand Down any Lumps and Bumps in Walls and Ceilings

If there are any imperfections, lumps or bumps on the wall or ceiling, you will need to sand it down. If you don’t sand the walls before you start, you will only enhance any imperfections and make it look worse.

Stains and Problem Surfaces

Stains such as smoke and nicotine can be treated by our specialist team here at Elite Maintenance Contracting, this also includes removal of organic growth such as mould and algi.


A great finish is more often than not determined by the quality of the preparation, and at Elite Maintenance Contracting we don’t skip any steps when it comes to painting, we ensure it’s done to the highest of quality, no shortcuts. Our skilled preparation will ensure that the surfaces are primed and ready for the paint.

There are 4 elements we will tend to before painting:

1. Clearing the area and protecting the fixtures and fittings
2. Prepare the surface – cleaning it so that paint will stick to it
3. Filling the cracks and smoothing any lumps or bumps
4. Priming surfaces that haven’t been painted before

New Plaster or Drywall

EMC will install and ensure new plastering or drywall is fit for purpose. We will carry out due diligence checks and ensure the highest level of bonding.

Papering Walls or Ceilings

It’s important that we deliver only the best workmanship when it comes to papering walls or ceilings as these are areas of a building or site that need to be long lasting. Elite Maintenance Contracting will only use the highest grade of products from glazing paper to stiffening textiles.

Why choose Elite Maintenance Contracting?

Decorating plays a huge part in our day-to-day at EMC which is why it’s important to us. We only strive to deliver the highest quality of workmanship for our customers and clients.

We promise to always provide the following:

  • A Clean & Friendly Service
  • Professional Workforce
  • Determined Work Ethic
  • A Punctual Service
  • A Creative Collaboration
  • An Experienced Team

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